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9 Hole Qualifying Competitions

The 2008 CONGU UHS now provides the facility for a Golf Club to run 9 Hole Qualifying Competitions. These competitions are at the discretion of the Golf Club.

A Golf Club wishing to run these events must first gain a 9 Hole SSS from the English Golf Union for the required 9 hole courses to be used. We suggest that you coordinate with your ladies section before determining which holes are to be nominated to avoid difficulties if 9 hole competitions may also be mixed events.

Please open the 9 Hole SSS Application Form, complete the details and send it as an attachment by sending an email. Applications will only be accepted by e-mail, please do not sent in hard copy as these will not be accepted.

On confirmation of the 9 Hole SSS a 9 Hole Handicap Conversion Table and scorecard specifically designed for your Club will be sent to you. 


From 1st January 2011 a few changes have been made to encourage the playing of 9 hole qualifying competitions:
- Restriction removed on the number of 9 Hole Qualifying Competitions that can be played per section of the Club.

Clubs should be aware that 9 hole competitions should not be run to the detriment of 18 hole competitions. 9 Hole Qualifying Competitions are an addition to 18 hole competitions not a replacement