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EGU Golf Central

EGU Golf Central is an exciting initiative, developed by golf club secretaries/managers which has been introduced as an integral part of the EGU website to assist EGU clubs, their members and the wider golfing community.  The key objectives of EGU Golf Central are: 
  • To provide EGU clubs with a powerful web marketing tool - giving clubs 100% control        
  • To promote membership vacancies within England’s golf clubs - helping to grow the game and encouraging golf club membership
  • To promote club open competitions within England’s golf clubs - making competitive golf more accessible
  • To promote visitor golf - giving clubs the power to determine and market your own promotional offers
  • To promote golf clubs through a recognised national body and website - adding the strength of the EGU brand to golf clubs
  • To make accessing up-to-date information on England’s golf clubs and courses as easy as possible - one stop shopping for golfing needs

Promotional and Marketing Material
If you want to promote EGU Golf Central to your members there are images that can be emailed to members and visitors, posters and logos that you can use to create links from your website to EGU Golf Central.

If you would like to download images to email just click on the links below:

Organising your Golf Society Image
Group Package Image
Enter Open Competitions Image
Great Green Fee Offers Image
EGU Golf Central Leaflet - in PDF format which can easily be emailed

If you want to print A4 posters to place on your notice board just click on the links below:

Organising your Golf Society Poster
Group Package Poster
Enter Open Competitions Poster
Great Green Fee Offers Poster

Want to Play More Golf Poster

If you would like to download the EGU logo for your website just click on the links below:

EGU Golf Central weblink - design one
EGU Golf Central weblink - design two

Our Club Services team can also provide you with
- Leaflets and leaflet dispensers
- Generic EGU Golf Central posters
- Small business cards to send with letters and correspondence to members and visitors

To update your club details,  promote membership vacancies, open competitons and your latest special offers simply log on. Or contact our Club services team for more information, 01526 354500.